Free On-line Training

The need for training is ever present in our work worlds. Training is mandated or required to maintain compliance, build and refresh skills and/or create awareness to trending topics. Unlike training on expensive new computers or equipment, administering safety programs is neither complicated or expensive. The one thing your safety program must have to be effective is a person (or persons) who pay regular attention to identifying and mitigating the risks your employees face in their day to day duties. While many policies are created and shelved, there is no such thing as “one and done” when it comes to your Safety Training. It does require regular attention from you—or whoever administers the safety program for your entity.

Enter Target Solutions! Target Solutions can simplify and streamline what should be at the heart of your Safety Program: Employee Training. If you aren’t using Target Solutions and would like to learn what’s involved (hint: not much!) please call GSRMA Loss Prevention right away to begin making use of this valuable member benefit. If you already have a Target Solutions account and can login, but aren’t sure what to do next…try adding a new user or creating a new assignment. Take a minute to explore the recently expanded library of hard and soft skills. For your convenience, here are some written (printable) instructions for your Target Solutions Administrator.

1) How to add a new user/create new user account: click here for more info

2) How to create a new assignment: click here for more info

Let’s all agree training is a positive and productive use of our resources. There is value in creating (and maintaining) awareness of safety concerns, compliance and any activities that promote a positive safety culture at your entity. Start today with Target Solutions –at no cost to you-and see where it takes you.