Unfortunately, it would appear there is a rise in theft and burglary statewide. Businesses suffer disproportionately from theft, burglary and robbery when you consider the number of homes vs. businesses in our communities. The most important thing you can do is call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity.

We are reaching out to remind our members that crime prevention should be on your minds, safety tailgates topics and board meeting conversations. What measures have you taken lately to “harden” the target that is your district? For the purpose of starting this conversation, we borrow the language of the security industry to describe security at your site. A “soft” target might be one lacking easily recognizable security features, poor lighting or places to easily conceal someone with less than honorable intentions. Not only is a “hard” target one with fencing, access controls and security, but one that makes survelliance or collection of information difficult or even comfortable for would-be thieves.

Encourage staff to notice and approach anyone who appears lost or is poking around where they have no business. This could be tricky for employees who aren’t in the habit of interacting with members of the general public. Train staff about what constitutes suspicious activity, teach them to respectfully approach people and ask questions. The phrase “can I help you?” can be powerful for a multitude of reasons, all of which ultimately serve the public good.

And, if it is time for a safety inspection to include an assessment of your district’s security, please do not hesitate to call Loss Prevention here at GSRMA. Our Loss Prevention team is here to support you and bring awareness to this unfortunate trend occurring statewide.